Yoga & Chill Yoga

All levels, gently heated yoga every time.
We believe yoga is yoga is yoga. We teach yoga classes which are accessible to anyone, from the first time yogi to the daily practitioner. Our yoga team is passionate in sharing yoga in a casual, approachable and genuine light. Our chill yoga class delivers a slower pace making it a perfect choice for stretching, recovery or an introduction to yoga.


Cross train 45

This class format provides opportunities to improve your cardiovascular fitness and recovery, using intervals to cross train between strength and cardio drills, using a variety of equipment. 

This class is accessible to all fitness levels. Our knowledgable instructors are there to help provide modifications or alternative exercises to provide a successful experience for everyone.


Functional strength training differs from traditional weight training by focusing on movement that supports you in your everyday life. We program classes that allow you to develop total body strength with an emphasis on stability, mobility and core.  Consider this class as your full dose of movement for longevity, injury prevention and a strong physical form. 



This workout is an hola house favorite, offering more flexibility and freedom to your day with 30 minute booking windows allowing you to show up anytime and move through the workout at your own pace. Every workout is different, offering strength training, cardio intervals, mobility and stability drills and everything in between! Depending on your pace, expect these workouts to take anywhere from 35-50 minutes.