Membership FAQs

When is my membership activated and what is the billing cycle? 

Your membership will be activated on your first day of class and your billing cycle will be that same date each month. 

Is there a contract? 

We ask our members for a 3 month minimum commitment. Additionally, we ask for 30 days notice to management prior to the upcoming billing cycle for cancellation. However, you will not be asked to sign a written contract. 

Can I freeze my account? 

Yes. You can freeze your membership 1 month out of the annual billing cycle. This will be done by giving hola house management notice at least 2 weeks in advance of the upcoming billing cycle. 

Do my credits roll over? 

Each billing cycle your account is credited the class credits that your membership allots for. Class credits do not roll over however, you may roll over up to 6 class credits per annual billing cycle. This is not automated, you must email management to let us know when you’d like to roll over a credit. 

Does my membership come with towel and mat rentals? 

Yes! Your membership includes unlimited towel and mat rentals. Additionally, we have in house coffee and tea for your daily enjoyment. 

How do I register for classes? 

To register for class, download the hola house app. Once you are logged into the app, you will see a red bar that says “Book a Class”, this will lead you to the class schedule. From here, select the date of the class you’d like to attend and click “Reserve”, “Reserve Class”. 

Can I share my class credits? 

You can reserve a guest into class without them needing to create an account, however your guest will need to pay the drop in fee of $29. The exception is that All Access memberships come with one guest credit each month. 

What is the ‘booking window’ associated with my account? 

You’ll be able to reserve your favorite classes one week in advance. All Access members are able to book out their classes indefinitely.

What is the cancellation window? 

All memberships have a 2 hour late cancellation window. If you no-show or cancel within 2 hours of class, you will receive a $25 penalty. 

Can I up or downgrade my membership? 

Yes, you are welcome to upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time. Please give us 7 days notice prior to your upcoming billing cycle by emailing management and we will be happy to update your membership. 

Can I purchase extra credits if I run out? 

Yes, we offer a drop in class credit for $29 if you run out of credits for the month but would like to attend additional classes. 

Who should I contact with questions about my membership? 

Please send an email to our studio manager, Carli, at, she will be happy to assist you.