Hola! We are hola house, a boutique fitness and yoga studio coming soon to Kirkland, Wa. It feels so good to be building this with you and we are so grateful you are here. We have been dreaming up this space since the middle of last year, while many of us locals watched our favorite boutique gyms close because of covid-19 restrictions and mandated shut downs, including Fly Fitness where Jamie (hola house studio owner) worked joyously for 8 incredible years. These places were second homes for many of us and the loss was heavy and heartbreaking. Amidst the learning that we were losing so many wonderful spaces, it became clear that there was one path for Jamie. She would build again, in the company of wonderful friends, family and teammates and that is where our efforts have been every day for the past 7 months. We see that the struggle continues for so many small businesses around us, but we have been pushing through the fear with far greater hope that we are on our way to the other side of this historical time. We believe in the power of intention and hard work, but we can tell you that beyond that, the one thing that we knew we weren’t willing to give up on was togetherness and community. 

Many of us have spent the last 14 months re-imagining and re-inventing our lives, which we suppose is a hidden silver lining of this devastating pandemic. With the time and space for deeper reflection and thought, hola house has been built on clear intentions and new ideas. We are a home for people who love to workout but don’t fall easily for the average gym. We do not talk about calories or use language that would suggest any kind of hierarchy around body types or fitness levels. We intend to disrupt the misguidance of the industry that working out harder and more often is the answer for everyone- because we know this isn’t true. We love great results but we believe that fitness and wellness is a practice and not a destination. You will never hear us say “Happy Monday! Let’s burn off those weekend cupcakes!”. We don’t have a problem with cupcakes and we don’t believe in working out as a form of punishment. Instead, we support and inspire the daily creative process of practicing wellness which we all know can take on many highs and lows- the same way a relationship, career or parenting does (talk about a humbling experience!). At hola house, we accommodate all fitness levels and celebrate self care over anything else. In our studio you will be supported in doing just that. 

While we wait for our studio doors to open later on this summer, we have launched our outdoor classes on the dock at Carillon Point, located a mile down the road from downtown Kirkland. This dock holds many priceless memories for those of us coming from Fly Fitness (that go back a decade!) and it has been so magical carrying this tradition forward with familiar and new faces. If you have yet to experience a class on this dock, we hope you will be able to join us for a class soon. It’s nothing short of magical! The other day, an eagle soared above us during our workout! Class formats include, bootcamp and yoga fusion, bootcamp, yoga and SUP yoga. Come June, we will have 4 classes scheduled each week, which are all weather dependent. See our dock schedule here and book online! 

Another exciting announcement is the launch of the hola house app, available in android and ios. From this app, you will be able to create your account, book classes, update your payment at your own convenience and make class purchases. Please note that purchasing live stream classes will not be available from the app- but can be purchased under your account login on chrome from your home computer, access online booking on the hola house website

Lastly, we have merch! See below the buttery soft hh cropped hoodie ($52), the  hh crew sweatshirt ($44) and our hh cropped camo tee ($32) all available for presale only through Memorial Day Weekend. 

If you’d like to make a purchase (thank you so much for supporting small!) make your payment to @jamie-crockett venmo and include your selection, quantity and size. Orders will be ready for pick up mid-June! 

We have a lot more to share with you in the coming weeks, including studio location announcement and more on our class offering, fitness philosophy and membership options! Please stick around and stay in touch. If you haven’t yet, follow us on instagram and facebook at @holahousekirkland and twitter @holahouse1

We trust our tribe is growing and we love connecting with you!